A deadly fungus among us and how to prevent it

A deadly fungus among us and how to prevent it

If you use an electric dishwasher, you may fall victim to a deadly fungus that exists in many dishwashers. Check this out on how to make your dishwasher safer.

Warning: A deadly fungus could be growing in one common appliance in your kitchen right now

From Dr. David Eifrig in Retirement Millionaire:

Your dishwasher may be cultivating a deadly fungus. A dishwasher is the perfect breeding ground for fungi.

The science journal, Fungal Biology, recently published findings that 62% of dishwashers tested (in more than 100 cities) contained fungi… 55% of those had two types of black yeast – Exophiala dermatitidis and Exophiala phaeomuriformis.

These fungi cause potentially fatal lung infections. They’re especially dangerous to people with weakened immune systems.

It was previously unknown that these fungi could survive inside a dishwasher. Scientists had thought the high temperatures, detergents, and salts found in dishwashers would kill fungi.

But certain types of black yeast thrive in these conditions.

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