A doctor voices his concern about cancer research. With all those donated dollars, why don’t we have a cure?

A doctor voices his concern about cancer research. With all those donated dollars, why don’t we have a cure?

Many of you have likely donated to organizations such as Susan B Komen as well as other organizations that say they are funding research to find a cure, yet every day, more people are diagnosed with the disease and big institutions such as Sloan Kettering would like us to believe they can save us. What most of us rarely realize is that the institutions that treat this disease are not looking for cures, but are looking to keep cancer mysterious, requiring all this high technology with some hope of beating it, while we are finding out that many of the preventative early detection methods we were taught either do not work, harm us over time or lead to interventions that are expensive by design and are interventions we likely never needed to begin with.

Check out this doctors take on this.

Too Much Fundraising for Cancer Research

My children often wonder why I don’t donate to the American Cancer Society or the Komen Foundation. Of course, I, like most of you, want to find a cure for cancer. However, most of the non-profit cancer foundations do not promote searching for an underlying cause of cancer Instead, they perpetuate the myth that commonly used screening tests are winning the war against cancer. We are clearly losing the war against cancer. There are estimates that one in three of us will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime. That is a travesty.
The Powers-That-Be in the cancer fundraising world–such as the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Komen Foundation–would have you believe we are making progress against cancer. However, we are not making any respectable progress. In fact, over the last 60 years, more and more people are diagnosed with cancer and more are dying from it. The Powers-That-Be are too busy fundraising and promoting faulty diagnostic tests such as mammograms instead of promoting research to determine the underlying cause of cancer and how to avoid getting cancer. Let’s look at mammography. I have written about the mammography controversy in past blog posts and in my Natural Way to Health newsletter. In the 2009 newsletter, I wrote, “If mammograms were an effective screening tool, you would expect, over time, the earlier the disease is detected and treated that cases of more advanced disease would decline significantly.” However, this has not occurred from the use of mammography. Mammography is very sensitive. It has the ability to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage. However, mammography is not effective at saving lives.

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