A new study suggests doing this activity will reduce your risk for pancreatic cancer.


A new study suggests doing this activity will reduce your risk for pancreatic cancer.

Many of you probably know someone who died from pancreatic cancer.   A new study offers some clues as to why we develop this fatal illness and how we can avoid it.

How is your dental hygiene?  Do you floss regularly?  How often do you visit your dentist for a checkup?

It turns out that gum disease can release harmful bacteria into our bloodstreams which can stick to other cells in the body creating inflammation, which is never a good thing.

New research presented at the American Association for Cancer Research”™s annual conference found a link between certain types of gum bacteria and pancreatic cancer.

Basically, if you want to stay healthy and avoid certain cancers and diseases, make sure you floss and take care of your mouth by brushing regularly, as your dentist suggests.

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Study: Link found between gum disease and pancreatic cancer

From Dr. David Eifrig MD, MBA in Retirement Millionaire Daily:

The long syringe of anesthetic”¦ the minty grit of cleaning paste”¦ the high-pitched whirr of the drill”¦

For many folks, all these are merely a prelude to the worst part of a dentist visit:

“œHave you been flossing?”

If you lie about your habits, then you”™re not alone”¦ Survey results show that more than 1/4 of Americans lie to their dentist at every visit.

And more than 30% of the folks in the survey, run by the American Academy of Periodontology, said they”™d rather do unpleasant chores ““ like scrubbing the toilet ““ instead of flossing.

We think that number is far too low. Other studies show only about 30% of Americans floss their teeth with any regularity. So not only are folks lying to their dentists”¦ they”™re also lying to the survey takers.

For floss haters, it”™s an uncomfortable process that doesn”™t seem all that important. Even folks on my research team are squeamish about it.

But skipping out on floss is lazy”¦ and downright dangerous to your health.

Flossing every day could save your life. Let me explain”¦

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