Resolving Knee Pain

Knee pain is suffered by millions of people, with the end result after years of suffering being either hip or knee replacement. Was the knee really the problem? Most people believe it is because they visit their family doctor who usually sends them to the orthopedic doctors who all look at the knee and give them good, bad or indifferent news, often leading to the path of more injury or even surgery.

There is a better way but you need to be open to a different level of understanding of what the knee is, how it functions and why it hurts you, but does not hurt other people. Simply explained, the knee is just a conduit, a pulley if you will. Forces from the foot cross through the knee as well as forces through the pelvis and hip. If your core muscles (mid section) is working well, and you have good feet and are not built asymmetrically, chances are you may never have any knee issues. If you are build asymmetrically, have low arches with feet that flare asymmetrically, the likelihood for knee pain is far greater.

If you have visited the orthopedic for knee pain already, you are likely saying to yourself that they never looked at anything else other than the knee. This is because they are trained to look at the area of symptoms, rather than understand the cause. If you want to get out of knee pain, you need to look at the cause and understand why the knee hurts. This understanding can prevent excess wear and tear, injuries and other problems that will affect your ankles, feet and back as well.

If this sounds like something you have not heard about, it is because you are visiting doctors who are trying to assess damage, vs. someone who will find the cause, improve the way you function and be able to get back to doing the things you love without experiencing injuries as you age. Yes, in many cases, knee problems can improve markedly with a different point of view.

Our office will find the problem, assess any damage and do what is necessary to get you back to your activities again. As long as the joint is in reasonably good condition, we have helped many people with this condition without requiring drugs or surgery.