Artificial sweeteners and your health; why we should avoid them altogether.


Artificial sweeteners and your health; why we should avoid them altogether.

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are not the way to lose weight or keep the weight off. A new study suggests that the changes they cause in the gut may be the reason. For years, many of us have consumed soda’s with saccharine or another sweetener, only to find out that they still have a weight problem.

While many of us have grown up with diet soda’s, many of us have also grown out without understanding why this would happen even if we were consuming something with little or no calories.

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Doc Eifrig: New evidence says this popular drink will wreck your healt

From Dr. David Eifrig, MD, MBA, editor, Retirement Millionaire:

A new study published in the journal Nature this month provides more evidence to something I’ve said for years – diet soda will wreck your health.

A team of researchers studied the effects of a common zero-calorie sweetener, saccharin, which is found in artificial sweeteners like Sweet’N Low, as well as low-calorie or zero-calorie foods like jams, salad dressing, sugar-free gum, and many “diet” processed foods.

They fed a group of mice a high-saccharin diet and noticed the mice developed significant changes to the bacteria living in their guts. These bacteria are essential for helping our bodies break down food and keeping our immune system strong. Changes in gut bacteria can lead to serious health problems.

These changes left the mice unable to process glucose, causing the mice to develop high blood sugar levels – a major sign of diabetes. The research team then focused on humans. They first compared 40 humans with regular consumption of artificial sweeteners with 236 people who did not use artificial sweeteners. Those who used the artificial stuff were more likely to have problems like the mice had.

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