Back pain cured! Bottom Line Personals editorial Neurosurgeon gives chiropractic a rave review.


Back pain cured! Bottom Line Personals editorial Neurosurgeon gives chiropractic a rave review.

Patients know this, Consumer Reports wrote about it, studies confirm it, and now Bottom Line Personal, a newsletter who have not always been chiropractic friendly now confirms it too; Chiropractic for back pain should be the first choice for you and your family. While there are many other conditions chiropractors treat successfully, back pain is by far the most commonly identified condition chiropractors are known for treating while getting high marks for effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Does your primary doctor regularly recommend chiropractic to their patients? If not, they should especially as many of you are finding that your insurance may have a high deductible now, and spending your hard earned money on back treatments that are ineffective or overpriced just wont do. If your doctor suggests an MRI, Physical Therapy or a pain management specialist first, sometimes you need to advocate for yourself and ask to get a chiropractic referral; you’ll be glad you did. Of course, with chiropractic, your mileage may vary depending on the skill, technique and comprehensiveness of your doctor but this is found in every profession including those who cut your hair.

How do you find a great chiropractor? Referral is a great way, social media can be mixed because of the personal nature of the relationships that form, the condition you have and the plan you have (some insurance plans have very limited networks that the best chiropractors may not participate with). Our experience also has shown that medical doctors who use chiropractors often become great fans of chiropractors and their methods as they themselves benefit greatly, especially surgeons whose professions number one complaint is back pain.

Chiropractic is definitely a mainstream solution for what ails your lower back as well as problems in the neck, shoulders, hips and knees and even the elbows and wrists. It is not the profession, but how the profession looks at, diagnoses, and then finds solutions to the problems you experience.

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Back Pain Cured!

No Drugs…No Surgery

The ability to diagnose and treat the different types of back pain has improved tremendously over the years. A wide variety of conventional and complementary therapies has made this possible. The fortunate result is that the vast majority of patients don’t need invasive procedures or powerful drugs.

Fact: The majority of people with back pain can make a full recovery with conservative treatments. These include integrative approaches such as acupuncture and other so-called “complementary” techniques.

When I went to medical school, the term integrative medicine was unknown. Now, more than one-third of Americans use some form of alternative medicine, often on the advice of their doctors.

Which of these therapies is best for back pain? What the evidence shows…

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