Can a phone app help you cut calories and lose weight? This one says it can.


Can a phone app help you cut calories and lose weight? This one says it can.

An application for the phone is commonplace, and many of us rely on phone apps for daily things we need to know about such as the weather and even buying things from ebay.

Want to lose weight? Now, there is an app for that and its name is CalCutter. The idea is simple; find better alternatives for the foods you want to eat. The NY Times reports on calcutter.

An App That Helps Users Cut Calories


New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is proud of its technological prowess: The rotating banner of the agency’s home page features a link to the four smartphone apps that the agency has created. One of those apps, CalCutter , would seem a great download for this time of year, both to celebrate the now-concluded tenure of that most health-conscious of mayors and to aid in that ubiquitous resolution for a healthier diet.

CalCutter tries to help users find less caloric alternatives to their favorite recipes. After you enter the ingredients to any particular recipe, the app recommends alternatives with fewer calories — ideas that, in the best possible world, would taste just as good as the originals.

I was interested in how CalCutter might help me make peanut butter bars a mite less terrible for me than I know they are. An appealingly old-school interface allows users the option of creating and storing recipes. But entering the recipe for the bars was frustratingly time-consuming, maybe because I’ve become used to apps that do all the work for me.

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