Chiropractic and asthma, a natural way to safely treat the condition without medication.

Woman Using an Inhaler

Chiropractic and asthma, a natural way to safely treat the condition without medication.

When most people think of asthma, they do not consider chiropractic and its effect on the condition, since it is a lung and bronchiole problem only, or is it? Most people or children who have experienced the condition know the difficulty with gasping for air, and the soreness in the chest from the labored breathing. Many asthmatics carry inhalers to stop attacks and many are on long term medication usage.

Unfortunately, these measures do not affect one of the major reasons behind the attacks; the musculoskeletal system. Anything that compromises the ability for the lungs to open up (think ribs and surrounding myofascia) will affect your breathing and cause bronchial constriction, which tightens the chest more and so on, which describes the attack. The good news is, a chiropractor can help.

A number of studies suggest that patients with asthma take fewer medications and have fewer attacks. While this may not cure asthma altogether, often when a patient experiences myofascial and spinal and extremity manipulation, they can breathe better and have fewer attacks, without the use of medications.

Check out this great article that explains the chiropractic approach to asthma. There are other options to the typical approach; you just need to visit your local chiropractor

How chiropractic can help asthmatics

Asthma cases have increased by more than 60 percent over the last 25 years. Asthma related deaths have doubled with no apparent reason for this increase. It is not uncommon a person in their 30s to not have known anyone with asthma as a child, while now it is almost common place.

It is hypothesized that the causes of these rapidly increasing numbers can be related back to a combination of things including genetic and non-hereditary factors, such as increased exposure to pathogens and noxious chemicals. Many of these are commonly found in our cleaners such as Clorox, floor cleaners, not to mention our carpets that contain formaldehyde to preserve it.

Combining the chemical components with the way we now build houses causes great concern. In comparison, a house built 50 years ago would have a certain amount of draft that entered the home helping to clear the allergens, molds and dry air. Now our super insulated houses keep all of those noxious toxins around causing us to inhale them at a much more frequent rate.

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