Christian Medical Bill Sharing and other ideas for health coverage

I came across this article on something called Christian Medical Bill Sharing (  The catch to this that you need to be Christian, adhere to Christian values for coverage (they do not cover abortions, sexually transmitted diseases which are considered un Christian like behavior) however, the premiums are considerably lower than traditional insurance.  Members like the plans because as long as they stay within the PPO network, they have a low co payment and it covers their needs.  Of course, there are going to be critics of plans like these, however, as people look for more affordable types of coverage, or are displaced from their current employment or start their own businesses, the cost of insuring you and your family can be a deal breaker (Many average plans can cost 16 thousand dollars for an average plan and just ok coverage).

The big idea here is everyone shares everyone else’s health care needs for the greater good, a very Christian ethic.  Ethics seems to be a problem everywhere we look so an ethical type of healthcare plan with a strong belief system behind it that practices what it preaches is a good idea.  They also work with people to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle, a paradigm that has been abused in todays society and health insurance plans.  I can get into the healthier lifestyle area however, that is an entirely longer discussion since it encompasses what we eat, processed foods, the government helping corn growers with subsidies for corn syrup and other unhealthy foods rather than helping to keep the cost of good quality food affordable so even the poor can easily buy it and live healthier lifestyles.

I am currently shopping for new health insurance and quite honestly, the price increases over the past year have been incredible.  Also incredible, is Aetna just decreased our reimbursements for chiropractic services again (something they have done every few years) by up to 18 percent, yet their rates are some of the highest I was quoted.  Where is this money going if it does not go to providers who are already cash strapped by greedy insurance companies who have done this repeately over the years.  Unlike this shared plan idea, insurance companies, and their focus on bottom line and CEO bonuses in the millions is very un Christian like especially when they deny medically necessary care by a reviewer you cannot communicate with other than appeal letters which often go nowhere, especially with self insured plans that are administrated by plans like Aetna.

Ethical shared health care – perhaps this is an idea we need to explore not just in the Christian communities but for other people like myself, a Jewish doc trying to help people live a better quality of life.

What do you think?  I value your opinion