Curing cancer; are these new therapies the cure we have been waiting for?


Curing cancer; are these new therapies the cure we have been waiting for?

Everyone knows someone who has had a cancer of some sort.  It is almost like we have an epidemic of cancer in this country and possibly throughout the world.   Is it because we are living longer, toxins in the environment and what causes the cells in our body to go nuts, which causes life threatening growths, tumors and diseases all called cancer.

In a blog a couple of years ago, I reported on some of the advances in immunotherapy, and even 60 minutes has reported on how new drugs and new approaches are being used to combat the diseases we know as cancer.  Unlike chemo, which has a poor track record, causes damage to both good and bad cells and may help with remission, but requires constant monitoring to make sure the cancer does not return, these T cell therapies can help the body recognize cancer cells as something foreign, and stop them in their tracks.   Most cancer cells are ignored by the bodies immune system because the immune system sees them as normal, and as a result, they are ignored.  These new methods help the body recognize these abnormal cells, potentially curing the problem in an afflicted person.

True, the new methods are not looking at why these cancers occur in the first place, but they are offering a promising alternative to the current methods that have been around for 50 years at least.  Some things which are labeled as cancers may actually be incidental to aging, such as certain prostate growths, and it is a matter of time before such growths are relabeled.  Unfortunately, we have trained people to react a certain way to anything labeled cancer, so reclassifications of certain benign and non threatening neoplasms may help both doctors and patients cope better and make more rational decisions.

Check out this interesting article on the developing science behind cancer and how we are likely to resolve it in the near future.   The future looks bright for these new approaches, however, we as a society must also grapple with the costs and what we are willing to pay for these cures, since the drug companies have clearly taken advantage of the fact that both Obamacare and Medicare have no provisions for evaluating the cost of medicines, which has resulted in the drug industry charging usurious prices for drugs we are told we require.  It is a great time to be a shareholder of many of these companies; but it’s a lousy time to be a patient who requires these substances in the USA.

Is This the Real Cure for Cancer?

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Brad Hoppmann

There have been a lot of negatives in the news of late about the medical profession “¦

Accusation of “obscene” profits by “big pharma” “¦ 5,500% overnight price hikes on AIDS drugs by the deplorable Martin Shkreli “¦ and the need to make changes to the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, by presidential candidates from both parties.

But I want you to take a few moments to look past all the downbeat news surrounding big pharma, drug companies and medicine.

That”™s because we are fortunate to live at a time when real scientific breakthroughs take place to combat disease.

Such a breakthrough has been uncovered in the battle against a specific type of blood cancer. It involves using a patient”™s immune system T-cells to target and combat invading cancer cells.

According to researchers working on the project, they”™ve seen “extraordinary results” in several dozen patients who would typically have only had months to live.

So, could targeted T-cell therapy actually be the real cure for cancer?
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