Diet soda; does this really help or are there better options

Diet soda; does this really help or are there better options

Many of us have had diet soda thinking it was better for us since it did not have sugar. Sugar is not all bad, in fact, drinks with regular sugar taste better than those with high fructose corn syrup, a manufactured product that makes you bloated, and is only cheap because the government regulations artificially prop up the cost of regular sugar. There is also some evidence that part of the obesity epidemic may indeed be due to high fructose corn syrup. On the other hand, other artificial sweeteners may cause their own problems for you including cravings. Many people falsely believe that if we have things like diet soda, we take in less calories which may be true, but there are other possible issues you may experience from diet soda long term.

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Deceivingly “Diet”

Pop quiz! What’s the single biggest source of calories for Americans? White bread? Big Macs? Actually, try soda. The average American drinks about two cans of the stuff every day. “But I drink diet soda,” you say. “With no calories or sugar, it’s the perfect alternative for weight watchers…. Right?”

Not so fast. Before you pop the top off the caramel-colored bubbly, know this: guzzling diet soda comes with its own set of side effects that may harm your health—from kickstarting kidney problems to adding inches to your waistline.

Unfortunately, diet soda is more in vogue than ever. Kids consume the stuff at more than double the rate of last decade, according to research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Among adults, consumption has grown almost 25%.

But knowing these 7 side effects of drinking diet soda may help you kick the can for good.

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