Doctored, a new film blows the lid off of the american health care monopoly and how they marginalize effective alternative methods.

Doctored, a new film blows the lid off of the american health care monopoly and how they marginalize effective alternative methods.

You’ve developed some symptoms, the problems continue to worsen and it begins. You first visit your primary doctor who sends you to specialists who run all sorts of tests and nothing is found, except you continue to worsen. The bill so far is in the thousands and the people you have learned to trust, your doctors have no idea, but they are recommending medications for the symptom to take on a long term basis and have no cure.

Out of frustration, instead of continuing this route, you visit a chiropractor, perhaps an alternative medical provider, or an acupuncturist. Someone offers to do some different tests, look at your diet, and check out your structure. You notice these doctors work differently; they do not offer the harmful drugs and are looking at you in your entirety, rather than just where the symptoms are.

You do not fully understand why you are feeling better but you are, without any harmful drugs or surgery. You visit your primary doctor again who does not understand what you did and makes no attempt to want to know why you are feeling better. While your primary doctor seems to be the most caring in your voyage, they did not recommend the alternative route you took and were skeptical of how you were helped, even though it is clear you have markedly improved.

This is the subject of a new film Doctored, which explains how the American Medical Association and Big Pharma has manipulated the public, government agencies and has created a network of patients from the time they were little who would take and continue to take pharmaceuticals throughout their lives. The films shows that the AMA had attempted to destroy the chiropractic profession through a misinformation campaign that lasted years and still has many people skeptical of the effectiveness of the profession. It shows how big pharma and the FDA have prevented many life saving treatments from being legally practiced in our free country, while big pharma designs products that cure nothing.

Promoted as the film the AMA does not want you to see, this documentary discusses the differences between our current sick care system and what well care is and should be and how we need a paradigm shift. The film is quite good and informative, and creates a good case for most medical doctors to consider looking at their own profession differently while further embracing many alternative methods that not only are safe and effective, but should often be the first line of treatment rather than being the last after drugs and surgery.

Our North Brunswick office has three copies of this movie for loan for free to any patient who is interested in viewing this film. Just ask to borrow it and we will happily oblige. Rentals are for two days and must be returned so others can view the film.

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