Fall season allergy tips from the doc.

Fall season allergy tips from the doc.

For many of us, waking up with your nose running, or having to deal with swollen eyes, and the secondary complications from sinus drip such as the loss of your voice and breathing problems, have you explored these natural ways of making the fall allergy season more tolerable? For those who visit the allergy doctor every year, and need to be on medications and tolerate shots, these are some alternative suggestions that are healthy, natural and safe.

How to reduce the symptoms and the intensity of the attack.

1. Allergen block.
Allergen block by chloroseptic is effective and safe. It comes in a small tube which can be used to apply an invisible salve to the areas around the nose. Since it is not a drug, it has no side effects. It works by creating a charge that is opposite that of most allergens, thus, preventing the allergen from entering your system and thus, reducing your irritability to the allergen.
Where to buy – many drug stores used to carry it however, you can buy tubes cheaply on ebay and on Amazon.com.

2. Nettle (also known as stinging nettle).
A few years ago, Alan Shair, a nutritional specialist who I am friendly with mentioned this herb to me and it worked really well. Nettle is considered a folk remedy however newer evidence now suggests science is backing up why it works and showing that this is a scientifically valid way of reducing allergy symptoms. Find out more about it here

3. If you do find yourself congested, Tiger balm red works well when inhaled. This is easy to do. Boil a cup of water in the microwave. Put 1/3 tsp of tiger balm in the cup, close your eyes and breathe in the fumes. This will open up both the lungs and the sinuses. Do not use a cup you care about since tiger balm does not easily come out of it in the wash.

There are other foods that also help. Read about them here