Find gas using this link on the internet in NJ

Find gas using this link on the internet in NJ

The lines are long, the tempers are flaring, and unfortunately, the need to provide sometimes brings out the worst in people, no matter where you are economically. A loss of infrastructure levels the playing field but there is an easier way to find gasoline.

Go to the site This will give you an up to date chart of who is pumping and who is not pumping gas. It will tell you reliably who is open and who is closed so you do not waste valuable time waiting on a line to nowhere.

How to use the site

1. put in your zip code.

2. Put in the distance you are willing to travel.

3. Look for the stations that say they are open, its that simple. To confirm, you can call them.


Apparently, according to, supply disruptions from the pipeline that begins at the gulf and brings fuel to us in NJ should be resolved today as power is restored. Also, many of the refinerys who have tanks full of fuel were without power, reducing the amount of deliveries. Many of these refinerys apparently have a few step process they need to go through before they can load trucks, and many of these should begin pumping which should begin to bring supplies back on line.

Many stations, like the one next to our office (gulf) have fuel from before the power went out. Most owners will gladly sell out of their supplies to help those in need, but the tankers need to be able to refill them.

In closing, the supply disruptions should improve over the next few days. Please be civil with your fellow neighbor and share your resources. We are all in this together and we can get back our lives together as well by helping others, sharing some warmth, some electric, some internet and it will get better from here.

Our office is offering free wi fi (believe it or not, the local Panera shut theirs off because people were sitting and surfing all day without purchasing anything and harming their business), some warmth, electric for your gadgets if you need it and of course, if you need us professionally, we are also there for you as well.