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Antibiotics in our fast food may be responsible for obesity and other diseases. Which companies are antibiotic free?

Antibiotics in our fast food may be responsible for obesity and other diseases.  Which companies are now antibiotic free? For years, antibiotics have been used to add weight to cows as well as chickens, increasing the yield for the farmer.  Farm raised fish also may have antibiotics used to keep them healthier because of the high densities of fish raised in this manner. Antibiotics may have some undesirable side effects in the human population as well including obesity, antibiotic resistance as well as allergies. The general public has made it clear that it wants to eat better and more nutritious food and Read More »

Diabetes, your dog and your health.

Diabetes, your dog and your health. Dogs as it has been said are a man’s best friend.   Apparently, that is even more true if you have diabetes. Diabetics can feel faint if their sugar levels run low, something known as hypoglycemia.  Shakiness, confusion, dizziness and potentially unconsciousness can be a result of low sugar levels in the bloodstream. When a diabetic’s blood sugar is low, a chemical called isoprene can be smelled by dogs, yet humans cannot detect it. In the UK, they are training dogs to be able to alert their owners if their blood sugar is low since they Read More »