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Improve your running without all that stretching.

Improve your running without all that stretching. Stretching has been part of running for many years now, but the science behind it is weak, and it will not make you a better runner according to a new article. Icing sore muscles after running activities may have harmful effects as well with less fewer benefits than previously thought. Foam rolling is now being used more often as a way to limber up.  Exercises that are ballistic may actually help you get faster. There are ideas that are offered in a post published in BBC Future. They offer some great ideas on Read More »

Does stretching work or are there better options?

Does stretching work or is there a better option? A posting in the barefoot running society’s web site talks about the idea of the proper squat and why we need to do this to keep the calves and legs stretched properly. You can find the article here . The type of squat pictured in the article (see above) is not commonly seen in our society but if you look at any child, they do this naturally. We Americans seem to have lost this ability to naturally do this, which can help prevent injuries when gardening or lifting items up from Read More »