Resolving Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow

Many people experience pain in the elbow and falsely believe that the elbow is the problem. Many manufacturers make devices to shield the elbow from the pain producing forces, however, the problem often never resolves and worsens over time as the person experiences periodic flare ups of pain even after rest.

To properly address this, your healthcare practitioner must look at the other structures that have failed to work properly such as the shoulder and the core muscles. If either or both of these areas are compromised functionally, your elbow will be constantly strained while hitting the ball causing it to hurt. Many have tried changing rackets, hitting style when the problem exists in the body mechanics. When your body mechanics improve, your body movements improve, your swing gets better and your elbow pain is now resolvable. If your therapist or health care provider is only looking at the elbow, they are missing the cause.

In our office, we look at the whole person, which is the only way to solve an elbow problem. Our office helps many people with problems such as this using Myofascial Release Treatment, Graston Technique and joint manipulation to assure proper body alignment.