Food cravings, carbohydrates, calories and America’s weight problem.

Food cravings, carbohydrates, calories and America’s weight problem.

The diet industry does well in the USA because most of us who go on diets gain the weight back. Do we eat too much or do we eat too much of what will make us eat more? Yes, that’s right, certain foods lead to eating more of what is wrong for us leading to weight gain. Eating the wrong types of sugars, especially those with high fructose corn syrup can lead to low blood sugar later on as the body crashes, causing us to head fore more sweet food to help increase our blood sugar, in the form of cravings.

The NY Times asks the question about carbohydrates and calories and why is it some diets help us keep the weight off while others help us stay over weight. For those who have ventured from diet to diet, you will want to read this article.

How Carbs Can Trigger Food Cravings

Are all calories created equal? A new study suggests that in at least one important way, they may not be.

Sugary foods and drinks, white bread and other processed carbohydrates that are known to cause abrupt spikes and falls in blood sugar appear to stimulate parts of the brain involved in hunger, craving and reward, the new research shows. The findings, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggest that these so-called high-glycemic foods influence the brain in a way that might drive some people to overeat.

For those who are particularly susceptible to these effects, avoiding refined carbohydrates might reduce urges and potentially help control weight, said Dr. David Ludwig, the lead author of the study and the director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“This research suggests that based on their effects on brain metabolism, all calories are not alike,” he said. “Not everybody who eats processed carbohydrates develops uncontrollable food cravings. But for the person who has been struggling with weight in our modern food environment and unable to control their cravings, limiting refined carbohydrate may be a logical first step.”

Regardless of the diet they choose, most people who lose a great deal of weight have a difficult time keeping it off for good. For many people, despite their best efforts, the weight returns within six months to a year. But a few studies of weight loss maintenance, including a large one in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2010, have reported some success with diets that limit high-glycemic foods like bagels, white rice, juice and soda.

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