Hey runner; how is your diet? Here is some great advice on what to eat to fuel your runs.

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Hey runner; how is your diet? Here is some great advice on what to eat to fuel your runs.

Have you ever heard the expression; you are what you eat? With running, what you put in your body as a fuel can either help or harm your ability to reach goals you want to reach, including both distance and time.

Long runs are not just about carbs but the right proteins and nutrients play a huge part.

This blog post offers some great advice on what foods should be on your list when training.

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The 12 Best Foods For A Runner’s Diet
By Amanda Burrill on October 13, 2015

Navy veteran, runner, and chef Amanda Burrill nails down the best foods for running enthusiasts or those who just need to get through PT.
A healthy diet is essential for anyone’s health, but for runners and athletes, the right diet can be the difference between peak performance and falling flat.

If you want to maximize performance — if you don’t, let’s work on that competitive spirit — these foods should reside in your pantry or refrigerator. Incorporate some, or better yet all, of these performance enhancers into your weekly grubbing and you’ll likely see changes for the better. How about a personal record on the physical fitness test?

Bananas are high in potassium and magnesium; essential minerals for healthy muscles. They are also a low-fiber source of carbohydrates that feel light in your stomach. The banana is one of my pre-race must haves, and I love to throw frozen bananas in my smoothies to both thicken and boost them with vitamins C and B6.

Oatmeal helps prevent spikes in blood sugar, providing an even and consistent energy boost that will sustain you through a long run. Because oats are carbohydrate rich and easy on the stomach, they’re a great pre-run meal if you tend to have a fussy belly. Also, those who avoid gluten altogether will find a good friend in oatmeal.

Broccoli is always in my weekly meal-prep line up. The vegetable is fibrous and filling, packs vitamin C and potassium, and is rich in phytochemicals, which are plant chemicals with disease preventive properties. I steam or blanch a week’s worth, leave it plain, and then cook with it in different ways as the week goes on.

Lean beef is high in iron, a mineral important for runners, especially women who lose the mineral in their monthly cycle. Lean beef is also a great source of high-quality protein. For many, beef is hard on the digestive system and can cause a “system backup.” Aim for two servings a week. Mmmm filet.

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