Hookworms, a cheap and effective way to treat auto immune disease – Now we are talking

I recently came across an article about a man named Jasper Lawrence who has discovered a curative way to treat allergies, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or other autoimmune diseases. by using hook worms read the whole article at http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/hookworms-a-cheap-treatment-for-autoimmune-diseases/19486156/.

Apparently, hook worms occur in the ground naturally, especially when poor sanitation exists.  They do not naturally occur in the United States because of our improved sanitation so he traveled abroad to inoculate himself because of severe allergies.  He believed that hook worms naturally caused the immune system to be less reactionary, thereby controlling symptoms that are due to auto immune conditions.  He also has shown that drug companies make products that do this but cost markedly more than hook worm inoculation and the hook worms are markedly safer.  Apparently, as we evolved, we required hook worms in our system for our bodies to have a balanced immune system.  Since our obsession with cleanliness and sanitation had gone to the extreme, we no longer contracted hook worms and therefore, we have seen an up tick of many autoimmune diseases processes which would have been kept in check with hook worms.

He has come under fire with the FDA but says the inoculation via skin contact with the live larvae who eventually live in our intestines are safe in low numbers and should be considered as a cost effective and natural/safe alternative to drug therapies.

Drug companies would have no incentive to develop such a treatment which could really cost at lease 90 percent less than the drug alternative.  Personally, I believe that many problems we have in todays society have to do with similar processes that used to be in contact with us. Laetrile is one example of something we used to intake through seeds and pits which is no longer in our diets and evidence suggests it keeps cancer in check.  Cancer rates in our society are skyrocketing and drug companies and hospitals like sloan kettering have no interest in low cost prevention/ alternatives because they are not good for their business model.  Perhaps, we would be better off if truly non profit disease research would exist (it doesn’t, even with the american cancer society) because we would find ways to keep people healthier and at lower cost, with better care.  Technology is a double edged sword, and when private industry keeps the price high via patents and administration, of expensive technologies which have to pay themselves off, make a profit and pay their investors, perhaps we need to look outside the box of what we know to get the best answers.

What do you think.  I value your opinion.