How important is vitamin D to your health? More than you realize.

How important is vitamin D to your health? More than you realize.

Most people take their general health for granted. Vitamin D has been shown to have many health benefits and is often been put in the milk we drink. It is also produced by us being outside in the sun. Unfortunately, because of skin cancers, many people avoid the sun, an important source of vitamin D. The NY times just reported on this very important nutrient. I think you will find this quite enlightening.

Reasons That Vitamin D May Matter

By JANE E. BRODY, Columnist
At least once a week, someone, usually a woman over 50, asks me about vitamin D. Perhaps a routine checkup has revealed a deficiency, prompting the doctor to recommend an over-the-counter supplement or, in severe cases, large prescription doses to correct the problem.

Often, though, the concern is bone health. Without vitamin D, the body cannot properly absorb calcium, and bones become fragile. At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons last month, researchers reported that among 889 adult patients treated for afracture at a Missouri trauma center, blood levels of vitamin D were “insufficient” in 78 percent and “frankly deficient” in 39 percent. The study group excluded those with known risk factors for vitamin D deficiency.

A second report, by doctors in Seoul, South Korea, found vitamin D levels were “significantly lower” among 104 postmenopausal women who had broken a wrist than among 107 age-matched controls without a fracture.

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