If the shoe fits, wear it (From North Brunswick Sentinel)

If the shoe fits, wear it (From North Brunswick Sentinel)
Two weeks ago, I was interviewed by one of the staff reporters of the Sentinel, a local paper that specializes in the North Brunswick area and surrounding communities. Our original 1/2 hour interview quickly went into overtime when the reporter realizes there was much more to the video on how to size a shoe (find it on our web site by using the youtube link on the bottom right). As many of you may have heard, I have been visiting many local shoe stores to see if I can get them to adopt my method for sizing a shoe. It would save both them and your family pleanty of aggravation and money when you purchase shoes, simply because improperly sized shoes not only create many problems for us such as bunyons, hammer toes, back pain and knee problems, but also cost us when we wear them a few times and then toss them, or visit the store for a return and a refit (which costs the store time and money and costs you time, money (gas) and the aggravation of needing to confront the store management to do the adjustment.

Here is the article, enjoy…

William Charschan creates web video for proper shoe fitting


Staff Writer

NORTH BRUNSWICK — A local doctor wants everyone to start off on the right foot.

According to William D. Charschan, a chiropractor with offices in North Brunswick and Scotch Plains, the health and comfort of the body stem from the feet. This is why he created an Internet video that focuses on proper shoe fitting.

“Sometimes a patient is suffering for months and doesn’t realize it’s because they’re wearing the wrong shoes,” he said .

Because shoe manufacturers all construct their shoes slightly differently, or because even the same manufacturer may use different factories, leading to inconsistencies, Charschan said a customer should use a Brannock Device, the metal apparatus customarily found in shoe stores, to measure the size of the foot .

The bottom of the shoe is designed to bend at a certain point. If the shoe and the foot bend together, the shoe fits. If the shoe bends in front of that point, the shoe is too small. Tight shoes can cause hammertoes, bunions, knee pain, back pain, shin pain and/or plantar fasciitis. If the shoe is loose, a narrower shoe may be needed, or conversely if the foot falls over the edge of a shoe, a wider shoe is needed.

He also said that certain people may benefit from orthotics worn inside a shoe to level out the body to achieve symmetry, so that the body functions better and in turn experiences less pain.

He said people need “good foot posture and a good shoe fit for the ability to move properly and have symmetry in our bodies.”

Charschan’s goal is to have local shoe stores instruct their employees on proper shoe-fitting techniques to avoid customers wasting their money, or stores losing money from returned purchases. He has already visited several stores to distribute fliers with the intent of spreading the message to as many consumers as possible.

The video can be found at

The video can be found at http://bit.ly/nGuwLM. Continue reading here…