Is Monsanto’s genetically modified food making us sick?

Should we rethink genetically modified food?

Is Monsanto’s genetically modified food making us sick?

The buzz has been that genetically modified foods grow better, will solve the worlds hunger problems and are less likely to be ravaged by insects. Many of us eat genetically modified foods without knowing they have been modified. Over the last decade, it has been reported by CNN (See here) as well as other sources that emergency visits to hospitals for food allergies have doubled. Is there a connection between genetically modified food and our bodies rejecting these foods through allergies? A new article suggests this is the case.


Monsanto: ‘There is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GM foods in humans’

S. L. Baker
January 19, 2012

There is a growing body of scientific evidence which proves that genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are inherently different from natural organisms, including the way the body processes them, as well as how the immune system responds to them. But Monsanto, the largest purveyor of GMOs in the world, believes that GMOs are no different than natural organisms, and that GMO testing is both needless and valueless.

In theWhy aren’t you running human clinical trials on GM crops?section of Monsanto’sFood Safetypage, the biotechnology giant explains its opinion that GMOs are “substantially equivalent” to natural organisms. According to Monsanto, since concentrations of proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrient factors vary among natural crops, as well as among natural and GM crops, then these differences are automatically unimportant in light of GMO safety.

Furthermore, Monsanto claims that its injection of foreign DNA into its GM crops is also automatically safe because, get this, DNA is present in natural crops as well. Never mind that the injected DNA is foreign and unnatural, and is used to alter the entire genetic structure of GM crops — according to Monsanto, its unnatural DNA is automatically non-toxic because every other plant also has DNA. Case closed.

Using this same absurd illogic, injecting foreign animal DNA into a developing human baby, for instance, must also be safe because that baby contains DNA, right? Or how about drinking antifreeze, which is made of atoms, because your body is also made of atoms? Based on Monsanto’s pseudoscientific nonsense,everythingcan be considered non-toxic and safe because it is all made of atoms, just like our bodies!

Foreign DNA in GMOs responsible for disease-causing inflammation, autoimmune disorders

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