Is slow medicine a better idea for us? Check out this article by the Huffington Post.

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Is slow medicine a better idea for us? Check out this article by the Huffington Post.

You may have heard about the slow food movement, which is the antithesis of fast food, or food prepared properly with a greater health benefit.

According to the Huffington Post, doctors are beginning to look at the idea of slow medicine. The idea is that medicine has spent years exploring the quick fix to many of the things that ails us, often with disastrous outcomes, costly, interventions that do not work and people who become addictive to quick relief medications.

Apparently, doctors are beginning to realize that their healthcare paradigm needs to be rebooted. In our chiropractic world, we know the people we see want a quick fix, but through education, most patients realize that rehabilitation and problem solving takes time, to get a great outcome, and a quick fix may only be a band aid on a more significant health problem.

Conventional doctors are taking notice that there is a better way to help their patients, and a quick fix often does not do it, especially since relieving pain in one area may reveal a larger problem when other areas of the body related to it become painful as well. Perhaps evaluating, managing and treating symptom complexes is not cost effective long term after all.

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Why Conventional Medical Doctors Are Opting for Slow Medicine

As a child, I always wondered why we are here and why people suffer. Not surprisingly, I ended up becoming a doctor, driven by a heartfelt devotion to helping people get well and experience relief from suffering. I embraced the world of conventional medicine with my entire being.

The longer I worked in the field, however, the more disenchanted I became. While my colleagues and I were able to effectively help those with acute medical issues, such as life-threatening emergencies, we predominantly were unable to assist those with chronic health issues, who made up the overwhelming majority of our patient load. It became clear to me that I had to change how I was practicing medicine.

I began to study Eastern philosophy and indigenous medicine, and ultimately, I enrolled in the most rigorous integrative medicine program in the country. Over the years, as I combined the metaphysical and physical aspects of health, I was able to help my patients in ways I never had been able before. I came to feel happy, fulfilled, and in alignment with my work, knowing that I was manifesting my heart’s desire to serve humanity.

As my path unfolded in the world of holistic health and integrative medicine, I met or heard about numerous other conventionally-trained doctors who also had shifted course. One such doctor is Martin Rossman, M.D., Dipl. Ac, (NCCAOM), a pioneer in the field of guided imagery. Rossman’s ground-breaking work taps into the power of the unconscious mind, to gain insight and clarity about health issues, as well as to resolve those issues. As a result of his work, scores of patients have experienced relief or cure from ailments that were unsuccessfully treated through conventional medicine.

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