Is there a coffee barista back pain epidemic?


Is there a coffee barista back pain epidemic?

A new study from Canada suggests that your local coffee barista likely has been suffering from a lower back problem. The problems with barista’s and back pain is likely due to the fact that they stand for long hours at a time, are constantly moving, lifting, twisting and standing on floors that are made of concrete.

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There of course is a silver lining; chiropractic is covered under the Canadian health care systems as well as by companies such as Starbucks, who of course is probably the most iconic coffee brand we have. Researching a little, I found out that Starbucks offers their employees good insurance coverage that covers one of the most effective and safe methods for back pain relief; chiropractic. Check out this information here.

Of course, not every barista has lower back pain. The question of course is, what is different about the ones who do experience back pain vs. the ones who do not? For the best answer, you may wish to read the book Cheating Mother Nature, what you need to know to beat chronic pain. This book explains what back pain really is, who people suffer from it and best of all, what they can do about it.

If you are a barista, here are some tips to find back pain relief

1. Wear off the shelf orthotics such as Superfeet or Powersteps. Both of these are quality inserts that can help relieve your pain. According to Cheating Mother Nature, one of the most common traits of a back pain sufferer is asymmetrical body mechanics. These inserts can help level the pelvis and improve symmetry.

2. Doctor Scholl’s air pillow insoles. These are helpful since they make the surface you walk on softer. Great relief on the cheap. Use them in conjunction with your insoles. We do not recommend Dr. Scholl’s off the shelf orthotics since they are not corrective enough.

3. Chiropractic can help you get lower back relief safely. Find someone who does myofascial release, active release techniques or instrument assisted soft tissues methods for the best outcomes.

4. Bridges, gluteal kicks and lateral leg raises are helpful in stabilizing the core muscles. They can be found on this web site and on our youtube link.

You can find Cheating Mother Nature on and other major booksellers.

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