Alleviate hip and knee pain with these IT band stretches from Runners World Magazine.

Alleviate hip and knee pain with these IT band stretches from Runners World Magazine.

Hip and knee pain can develop while running.  If you are beginning to train for a race that is taking place this spring or summer, these stretches from Runners World may help.

Our gluteal muscles and our calves are important because they feed off each other.  If the calves are tight, the gluteal muscles will often go weak since the tight calves restrict ankle and foot movement.  Motion in the foot is vitally important to walking and running.

If the gluteal muscles are tight, your pelvis is likely to distort and the weakness will tighten the IT band and affect your gait, your stride and your ability to absorb shock.

The resulting tight IT bands will further degrade running, increase your risk for foot or knee pain and can even cause upper back stiffness and tightness.

Some may find relief from wearing foot orthotics in their running shoes, while others may want to foam roll the tight areas and address the tight IT bands directly.   Seeing a chiropractor who can help you understand and more appropriately treat the gait abnormalities causes by the tightness is a good idea that can help prevent an injury.  Making sure you have the most appropriate running shoe can also help.

Check out these IT band stretches courtesy of Runners World.

7 Illiotibial Band Stretches to Alleviate Hip and Knee Pain
Because nothing feels worse than an ache that won’t quit.

FEB 19, 2019

You’re probably familiar with your IT (or iliotibial) band—the thick cord of connective tissue that runs down the outside of your thighs from your hip to your knee. Your IT band does an important job of stabilizing the hips and knees, especially during high-impact exercises like running or jumping. And if it gets tight and irritated, you’ll know it very quickly.

That tightness can lead IT band syndrome (ITBS), a condition when you might feel pain along the outside of your thighs, your hips, or your knees. In fact, if you’ve ever experienced knee pain, there’s a chance it’s a tight IT band—and not an issue with your knee itself. You’ll often feel aches during lateral movements or when you’re putting more weight on the affected leg, during running, or other high-impact activities. For that reason, ITBS is common among runners, cyclists, and people who walk for long distances.

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