Law Firm Solicits Clients for Bad Robotic Surgeries, the law profession hits a new low.

Law Firm Solicits Clients for Bad Robotic Surgeries, the law profession hits a new low.

Surgery of any sort has its rewards and its risks. The Da Vinci, probably the most successful surgical robot is an expensive piece of machinery that claims to improve outcomes and lower costs. In some cases, it is much safer than traditional surgery and many health care providers have trained to use the device because people love the technology.

In Louisiana and Alabama, lawyers are fishing for victims of what they call “bad robot surgery.” This is quite real. While it is understandable that people who believe they were wrongly treated or had an error made at the hands of their surgeon deserve an opportunity to be compensated if they were harmed, this is an attempt by lawyers to create a market for cases, in a similar way that they do when there is a drug recall or a problem with a medical device such as the recent problem with Mesh.

It’s one thing for someone to be injured and wish to be compensated, but quite another to market for people who are willing to sue their doctor because they saw and ad and perhaps the surgery did not have the perfect outcome they anticipated when they opted for the surgery. People need to take responsibility for their choice to have different surgeries, especially now that information regarding prostate surgery should make all of us think twice, however fear is a powerful motivator and all too often, doctors use fear to talk their patients into having procedures done that of course are paid for by someone else (the insurer) in most cases, while understanding that there are risks in invasive procedures, no matter who or what machine performs them.

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Law firm seeks victims of ‘bad robot surgery’

Did your robot doctor mess up your insides? This lawsuit in the making sounds like a joke, but it’s real.

Is a robot about to excise your prostate? Well stop right there, mister. Here’s some litigation that might interest you.

In a surreal twist to the ads you often see for legal help with accidents, arrests, or debt, law firms in Louisiana and Alabama are fishing for victims of what they call “bad robot surgery.”

The ad below from Becnel Law Firm, LLC and Riley & Jackson looks like something that would play in the background of a sci-fi film, but it’s serious. The campaign Web site says, “Robotic surgery can severely injure the bowel, bladder, and blood vessels. Some of these injuries can even occur without the surgeon knowing it, which can lead to severe complications if left untreated.”

In a video on the site, Alabama surgeon Francois Blaudeau says Intuitive Surgical’s wildly popular da Vinci robot surgery system has injured patients who are having their prostate or uterus removed. He adds that the robot may not be properly insulated, causing burns or “even vascular injuries causing death.”

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