LSD may actually have a medical use finally; Timothy Leary is vindicated?


LSD may actually have a medical use finally; Timothy Leary is vindicated?

I was listening to this interesting podcast that was on NPR regarding medical uses of LSD. Years ago, when Timothy Leary proudly proclaimed that he had taken over 300 doses of this substance and that tripping as it were was good, perhaps, LSD does have a medical use after all (check out the NPR broadcast and transcript here ( I was fortunate enough to hear Timothy Leary speak when I attended University of Buffalo in 1980 and he was both entertaining and his point of view was engaging.

Apparently, LSD is helpful for people who have terminal illnesses, when their mental state is compromised. Many people with a terminal illness have an understandably difficult time dealing with their own demise. Of course, most of us faced with this difficult situation would have difficulty dealing with the fact that they have limited time to enjoy what is left of their life. The drug seems to help people function better by lifting the depression that often occurs with people who are dying.

One of the newer ideals in modern medicine is the palliative care movement. Our current interventional model rarely works, and often just extends suffering at an exorbitant cost, while offering no real benefit. Rethinking this, from those with a terminal illness who are younger, to those who are older with perhaps a heart problem that they would likely benefit from an improved mental state not clouded by depression from dealing with their own demise. Apparently, tripping on LSD has that effect.

There may of course be other usages, however, there are concerns that certain people who are already mentally unstable such as those with schizophrenia who may be poor choices for using this drug, since their have altered brain chemistry in a bad way.

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MAPS Completes First New Therapeutic LSD Study in 40 Years


Rick Doblin, the founder and president of MAPS, said this in a recent “Ask Me Anything” interview on Reddit:

We’ve just completed the world’s first study of the therapeutic use of LSD in over 40 years, in Switzerland to treat anxiety associated with end-of-life issues. Eleven of the 12 subjects had never done LSD before and there were no serious adverse events, even in people facing death.

This recently completed Swiss study is truly momentous — it’s the first “double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation of LSD-assisted psychotherapy since the early 1970s.” This pilot study found that two LSD-assisted psychotherapy sessions successfully reduced anxiety in patients with terminal illnesses. The study was led by Peter Gasser, M.D., who wrote a letter (PDF) to friends and colleagues at its completion. In it he writes that “all the 12 participants reported a benefit from the treatment.” He continues:

I am proud to say that we had in 30 sessions (22 with full dose 200 μg LSD and 8 with placebo dose 20 μg LSD) no severe side effects such as psychotic experiences or suicidal crisis or flashbacks or severe anxieties (bad trips)…That means that we can show that LSD treatment can be safe when it is done in a carefully controlled clinical setting.

The paper, which was accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, makes these conclusions:

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