Help us all get full coverage for chiropractic under Medicare. Take two minutes to change the future by signing this petition

MedicareCardHelp us all get full coverage for chiropractic under Medicare.   Take two minutes to change the future by signing this petition

The use of chiropractors for neck and back pain has been growing steadily for years, with high satisfaction rates and great results. Seniors who are under Medicare are frequently faced with the fact that the law, while it included doctors of chiropractic since 1974, only covers spinal manipulation, which for many doctor of chiropractic, is just a portion of the care they are licensed to provide.

Medicare does not cover the following services:

    • Evaluation & Management Services
    • X-ray services:
    • Physical Medicine Modalities/services

These are frustrating conversations to have with our senior clientele, many of whom are on fixed incomes, especially since these services are under the chiropractic scope of practice throughout the USA. Most will pay for these services out of pocket, while others choose more expensive and less effective and riskier methods so that they can be covered better and as a result, do not get the results they deserve and the system, as a result pays more for services that should be more effective.  That’s insane.

Those who know the difference their chiropractor makes in their quality of life will pay out of pocket for those services, but why should they have to?

Many do not understand why their physical therapist, podiatrist and other doctors have full coverage in exchange for their copayment or percentage after their deductible while their chiropractor must charge them outright for these services. The situation is even worse for those who subscribe to Medicare replacement or advantage plans, that often have higher copayments and as a result, higher out of pocket costs, since these plans mirror the restricted coverage Medicare has.

About a dozen years ago, a chiropractic demonstration project was done that showed that when chiropractors were covered fully, patients often chose the chiropractor and the addition of chiropractic care to the Medicare budget did not add to the cost.

Now, we have an opportunity to change these unjust rules and include chiropractic care fully under Medicare, but we need your help.

Please immediately go to and sign our petition for full chiropractic inclusion. Please send this to all your friends and share it on facebook and other social sites as well. With your help, the legislators will hear loud and clear that it is time that chiropractic Medicare discrimination comes to an end.

Please do it today.