More evidence your health insurer is leaving you cash poor

More evidence your health insurer is leaving you cash poor

I just recently came across an article from called “What is big insurance up to?”

See the article here at Apparently, they have been reading articles from the NY Times such as this one ( Apparently, insurance carriers over the past few years have been quite creative, showing lower than expected earnings, while decreasing reimbursements to providers (and never increasing them as provider costs have risen), increasing the amount you pay in co payments, multiple co payments (believe it or not, we just had a patient insured with a Pennsylvania Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that took $20 co payments for each line of service, leaving her effectively with a $60 co pay), and of course, the ever increasing premiums which go up double digits each year without fail.

Where are the costs then, since we as consumers are paying more and more yet, your insurer, has creatively pushed us financially into lesser plans? Well there are bonuses for executives, dividends for stockholders (maybe) and salaries. Apparently, the rest are going into shell companies they have set up to show they do not make any money.

If you are starting to get angry, join the club. As a provider who has personally been financially abused over the years, I’m not laughing either and each year, I have to face higher premiums to insure my family.

Washington, are you listening? It is time to recognize that free market healthcare in the United States is a big failure. We are way down the list of the World Health Organization, yet we pay more than every other country. We are talked into doing more things in the name of health that are simply unhealthy. We likely have not solved cancer because we are too busy treating the different variants and finding the true cause would put big specializing hospitals out of business like Sloan Kettering. Do you really believe they want to cure themselves out of business.

Part of the solution would be a single payer sysem. You know, like the one that was championed until our president realized the senate who had been paid for by drug companies and health insurers killed it for us.

Personally, I really do not think we can continue to afford this luxurious system of healthcare that we pay for by high co pays as well as by high precentages that the insurers promised us through managed care would stay affordable. For those who believe this is too socialistic and too much government, come up with a better way to get better care for the public at a lower cost. Believe it or not, health care is a tax that continues to go up. I would rather get a tax cut by making this part of medicare with global budgets. For those afraid of waits and other concerns, quite honestly, if you dont have thousands for the recommended procedure, you are waiting until you can afford it. In other countries, you are waiting until they can afford it. Is there really a difference here? Sure, one way, you pay, the other way, it is paid for you and you can better take care of your family with more cash in your pocket.

Again, Washington, are you listening. Maybe you need to have the problem we have and you will finally get it. We need affordable healthcare that makes sense.

What do you think. As always, I value your opinion.