New Study In Journal Spine Shows You Are Most Likely to Undergo Back Surgery if You Visit Certain Specialties First

New Study In Journal Spine Shows You Are Most Likely to Undergo Back Surgery if You Visit Certain Specialties First

There is a huge problem in our country with procedures that are performed too much because of physician bias. A new study in the Journal Spine examines this with back surgeries and workers compensation patients.

The study states the following:

“In total, 42.7 percent of workers who initially visited a surgeon underwent surgery, in contrast to only 1.5 percent of those who first consulted a chiropractor,” reports Gerard Clum, D.C., spokesperson, F4CP, who indicates the important study was conducted by a collaboration of prestigious institutions”

Basically, you are most likely to be considering back surgery if you see a surgeon first. To be fair, outside of workers compensation, especially in NJ, workers are not given other choices and unfortunately the game is rigged against the worker. In the world most of us live in with regular insurance, especially if you require a referral from your primary physician, many continue to refer to pain management specialists and surgeons first after ordering an MRI instead of referring to and developing relationships with their local chiropractor, which of course increases the cost, while you are medicated with narcotics. While more doctors are now referring and developing relationships with chiropractors, and many also are now grateful patients, it is still your body and the more you know, the more likely you will request a chiropractic consultation first.

Most people are not aware of the current studies that show that epidural injections to the spine are quite ineffective, as again recently reported on by the NY Times, yet this is what usually is suggested by pain management doctors who push narcotics and procedures, rather than sensible cost effective methods of treatment that are quite safe and just work. Most people are also not aware of the fact that the MRI their doctor ordered for their back pain can cost more than the relief they will get safely from visiting their local chiropractor, and most people are not aware the longer they are in pain, the more likely they will have surgery suggested and agree based on pain and desperation.

While chiropractic will not resolve every case, it is proven safe and effective, and combined with appropriate management, manipulation, and core and gait retraining, most lower back problems resolve. Decrease your odds of becoming the next statistic with chiropractic. While some people will require surgical intervention, the fact is that surgery is often done out of desperation, so the sooner and faster you feel better, the less likely you will choose a more aggressive and expensive option that has significant risks.

What do you think? As always, I value your opinion.