NJ 9th lowest in obesity rate but getting heavier says NJ Star Ledger

NJ 9th lowest in obesity rate but getting heavier says NJ Star Ledger

I saw in the newspaper that NJ is the 9th lowest state in obesity in the US but getting heavier. Mississippi on the other hand is the nations most obese.

Much of this can be blamed on not only what we eat but also the portions and the quality. Many things attribute to higher weight such as simple carbohydrates (breads, pasta), sugars with corn syrup being one of the largest offenders, found in many foods and beverages.

Last week I was in Italy on vacation. I could not get over the quality of the food, how fresh everything was and how it tasted. The portions, however, were often about 1/3 to 1/2 of what we typically get in the US, yet I felt quite satisfied by the portions and the flavors were amazing.

The day I returned, I went for dinner at the local diner. Next to us, was an elderly couple witha huge portion of food, gobs of cheese, and a huge portion of pasta which was likely dried rather than the fresh pasta I had just experienced, and the calorie count was likely off the charts. After the meal, I am sure they got in their car and drove home. This contrasts with Positano Italy where after the meal, I had to walk to get to my car or catch the hotel bus and in effect, got my needed exercise.

The point of all this is as Americans, we are getting less exercise overall, eating portions we do not need and then we read about the obesity problem in our country. The solution is we need to trim our portions, get more exercise (even if by just walking more) and eat healthier food. Perhaps, we can stop subsidizing farmers for growing corn and have them grow food and then work on delivery methods that get it to us fresher and perhaps at a lower cost.

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Mississippi tips scale as nation’s fattest state

July 7, 2011, 4:44 p.m. EDT
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rural Mississippi is the country’s fattest state for the seventh year in a row, according to an annual obesity report issued Thursday. Colorado, a playground for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, is the nation’s thinnest.

The report by two public health groups has again delivered bad news: The nation is getting bigger and bigger every year. And looking at state-by-state statistics over the last 15 years, the groups found exponential waistline growth — Colorado, with 19.8 percent of adults Continue reading here

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