Over The Counter Pain reliever safety; Web MD offers advice on what to consider before you take these meds.

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pills Over The Counter Pain reliever safety; Web MD offers advice on what to consider before you take these meds. OTC (Over The Counter ) pain meds have been around for years, and have a perceived level of safety. While there is a growing trend for many people to abandon medication and use methods like chiropractic care to get to the root of why they hurt, OTC medications are often used for temporary relief while at work or at home. It is quite likely that the new Obamacare exchange plans with their high deductibles already resulting in many more people putting off the care they require due to the disincentives created by "cost sharing" which is actually consumer unfriendly. In our experience, the higher deductibles are resulting in many people putting off problems that require immediate attention for months, resulting in chronicity, and eventually the need for even more rehabilitative care in the physicians office, which in the end costs more, rather than less. Anyone who continues these behaviors for years is likely to have permanent joint damage in the form of arthritis and joint degeneration due to the mechanical aberrations behind their complaints. This growing trend, while not cost effective by any means, is a reality for many patients who are effectively underinsured by many of the Bronze plans in the exchanges, as well as many of the Silver plans that may have a deductible as high as $2500 that need to be met before the insurer pays anything. While some employers are supplying debit cards to help their employees reduce their out of pocket costs, unfortunately, these funds will eventually run out and patients are being asked to figure out which care is most cost effective, which is difficulty without true cost transparency in our country. Until something changes, it is quite likely we will see a growth in the use of OTC medications. Web MD offers some great advice on what you should consider before taking any of these medications. Even though they seem safe, with long term usage, there may be problems you should be aware of.

Choosing an OTC Pain Reliever: What to Consider

Risks Depend on the Drug and Your Health

Got sore muscles or a raging headache? Before you reach for that bottle in the medicine cabinet for pain relief, know what you're taking -- and what side effects it might cause. Always read the label and follow directions before taking any medication. read more