Probiotics, digestion and other benefits you did not know existed. Some healthful info from the Washington Post


Probiotics, digestion and other benefits you did not know existed. Some healthful info from the Washington Post

Probiotics are important elements in the gut for proper digestion and absorption of food. They are important to our health in many ways yet, most people are unaware of why these gut bugs are necessary. Antibiotics kill these elements so it is important to help the body recover by eating the right foods after a dosage of antibiotic therapy.

Of course, Yogurt is one of the best places to find these good bugs of the gut, but you need to know more.

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Probiotics’ benefits go beyond digestion

By Gabriella Boston, Published: October 15 E-mail the writer

We hear about them everywhere — how they clear up everything from a bloated gut to a depressed mind. How they boost the immune system and improve skin health. How they delay allergies in children and prevent urinary tract infections in women. The list is truly impressive. But what are probiotics? And do they deserve all the attention and accolades?

“Probiotics can impact just about everything in the body,” says Meagan McCusker, a University of Connecticut dermatologist who uses probiotics to treat a wide variety of conditions including acne and psoriasis. “They really can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to overall health maintenance.”

So what, exactly, are they?

By way of the National Institutes of Health: “Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut. They are also called‘friendly bacteria’ or ‘good bacteria.’ “

The idea is that the “friendly bacteria” will help fight the good fight along with gut-dwelling bacteria to scare off pathogens, improve immune function and aid digestion, among other things, McCusker says.

“In some patients I have seen rapid improvement of digestive distress like gas and bloating after they have started taking probiotics,” says local nutritionist Jared Rice, who started taking the supplement for his own health maintenance seven or eight years ago.

“I can definitely say that it’s been a very positive experience for me since I started taking probiotics. And I have never experienced any downsides,” he says.

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