Protect the skin you’re in. Here is an infographic that tells you how to do it.

suntanProtect the skin you’re in.  Here is an infographic that tells you how to do it.

The skin is an organ, just like many of the other body organs.  If we eat well, these nutrients enter the skin and help keep it healthy.  A lack of certain nutrients or too much in certain people can cause acne, psoriasis and many other problems.

Certain vitamins can help our skin stay healthy.

Let”™s look at a food that can give you an all-round healthy boost and stuff that you need to keep away from:

Fruits and veggies are the de facto standard when it comes to getting your fill of vitamins for the day. You can have up to 5 portions a day of each, no worries.
Excess dairy products and meat contain saturated fats that can cause unsightly pimples to appear on the skin for some people.
You should always opt for food that has a low glycemic index such as oatmeal, apples, sweet potatoes and the like.
Limiting your calorific intake is fine but never crash diet. Your body automatically goes into emergency mode and shuts down important functions without the required energy.
Select herbs add a bit of zing to your meal as well as offering obvious benefits to your skin.
Vitamins are the literal building blocks of a healthy body, skin, hair and everything else. Your foremost source of vitamins is a healthy diet. This includes veggies, nuts, fruits and even water.

Conversely, if you were binging on unhealthy food, chances are that you are low on the requisite amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential to make up a complete diet. Since we are focusing on your skin here, eating well can definitely help you get healthy and younger skin.

You”™d be surprised to find out that eating well can save you from a lot of the problems that are faced by most people today like blemishes, sores, inflammations, fine lines and age spots. The easiest bit about a healthy diet full of vitamins is you can find it all around you!

If you want more information about what foods contain specific vitamins and deficiency problems, then you can look through the infographic to find out all you need.

14 Potent Vitamins for Younger and Healthier Skin

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