Quick Ways that the Computer Geek Can Keep Fit, a guest post from Ken Myers

Quick Ways that the Computer Geek Can Keep Fit, a guest post from Ken Myers

Although it may seem stereotypical to some, there are many computer geeks out in the world that seem less fit than they could be. I can say this with honesty for I am one of those individuals. I try to keep myself in shape as best I can, but work tends to keep me entrenched in my chair at my desk for ten hours or more per day. When the work schedule becomes intense for the computer geek, how does one keep themselves from becoming another statistical number for a heart attack?

1. Snacking – Snacks can be a major part of how anyone’s body can accumulate mass. The reason why it’s so detrimental to the computer geek is because we don’t usually get a lot of physical activity. We spend a great deal of time sitting throughout the day. However, snacking can have less of an impact depending on what you eat. Instead of chocolate bars or Pringles, why not replace them with fruits or vegetables? Personally, my weakness is raisins or a cup of mushrooms with light ranch dressing. I would take mushrooms over Pringles any day.

2. Meal Time – Your general meals can also have a dire impact on your body mass. All too often I see Taco Bell wrappers strewn about the desks of colleagues. Although I like to indulge periodically myself, I usually try to eat healthier lunches and dinners. A grilled chicken salad made partially with spinach leaves and shredded cheese is one of my all-time favorite dishes. The health and nutrition value of such a meal is through the roof.

3. Keep Moving – While eating healthier can stave off some of the effects of being tied to a chair for a large portion of the day, you still need physical movement in order to keep from getting atrophy in your muscles. Every two hours, I get up and walk around the house doing small five minute chores before going back to my desk. An activity such as washing dishes, folding laundry while standing, taking the pruning shears to my yard, and other quick jobs keep me moving.

4. Standing Desk – One of the biggest crazes as of late that I see some colleagues getting into is using a “standing desk” or doing more activity while on their feet. As you burn more calories and get more exercise while standing than you do sitting, many office personnel are investing in desks that stand to where you can still work on your computer while being on your feet. Personally, I don’t vest into this idea for I spent a large portion of my life on my feet doing other jobs and I am set in my ways. Besides, I don’t want my expensive chair to go to waste. I can see the allure of these desks, however.

Something else I have been getting into the habit of doing the last few weeks has been a quick ten minute workout during lunch. Before I eat my salad, I’ll do a quick set of 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, and a set of 50 jumping jacks. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but again – it is keeping my body active. This is inclusive of the house work I do on my breaks. The key is to keep your body moving as often as possible while eating foods that are better for your health.

About the Author:

Ken Myers is an expert advisor on in-home care & related family safety issues to many websites and groups. He is a regular contributor to www.gonannies.com. You can get in touch with him at kmyers.ceo@gmail.com.