Runners and Joggers Live Significantly Longer Says A New Study

Runners and Joggers Live Significantly Longer Says A New Study.

Do runners live longer? A new long term study out of Copenhagen believes they do. True, people who jog or run regularly tend to have lower body fat levels and higher levels of physical fitness which has been shown to improve longevity. When testing the blood of those who are more physically fit and those who eat more wisely, they tend to have more appropriate cholesterol levels, lower heart rates due to cardiac efficiency and lower blood pressure. People who are more active also tend to deal with stress more effectively as well (see our post here ).

One other thing that had been in the news this past year, is that those who sit more tend to live shorter lives. Some manufacturers are looking to profit from this idea by creating desks that allow you to be in a pseudo standing chair like device which of course promotes better fitness.

Am J Epidemiol. 2013 Feb 28. [Epub ahead of print]

Longevity in Male and Female Joggers: The Copenhagen City Heart Study.


Since 1970, jogging has become an increasingly popular form of exercise, but concern about harmful effects has been raised following reports of deaths during jogging. The purpose of this study was to investigate if jogging, which can be very vigorous, is associated with increased all-cause mortality in men and women. Jogging habits were recorded in a random sample of 17,589 healthy men and women aged 20-98 years, invited between 1976 and 2003 to the Copenhagen City Heart Study. The expected lifetime was calculated by integrating the predicted survival curve estimated in the Cox model. In this study 1,878 persons (1,116 men and 762 women) were classified as joggers.

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