Running shoes 3.0, what are the newest trends for 2013 – 2014 in running shoe design.

Running shoes 3.0, what are the newest trends for 2013 – 2014 in running shoe design.

Minimalist, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm heel elevations; buying a running shoe is getting more complicated or is it. A few short years ago, Vibram five fingers was all the rage, with shoe companies trying to keep up and innovate around the concept of the minimalist shoe trend. Then shoes became more creative with different styles of elevation, minimalist and tread design. Buying a running shoe seems to have become more complicated, however, running stores are rising to the challenge making choosing the right shoe easier than ever. Here are two stores that understand the latest trends and can help you make a complicated decision easily. These days, it makes more sense to visit specialty stores where the employees are better trained to assure you find the right shoe for you.

Last week, during a visit at roadrunner sports, who is a huge proponent of the trend toward different types of shoe last elevations (the bottom of the shoe), one of the salespeople had explained the current trend of different heel elevations.

For most people, choosing one or another was purely hit or miss. Roadrunner offers their shoe dog system which helps you evaluate how a shoe works with your unique body mechanics, and of course, helps them make choosing a good shoe for yourself easier based on a video of how your foot meets the ground. Roadrunner is a big proponent of their customized footbalance inserts. They also offer other brands of inserts such as their store branded off the shelf insert as well as superfeet. While their footbalance inserts are custom made, they are not a substitute for a custom casted podiatric style device which is more corrective and created by a healthcare professional such as a podiatrist or a chiropractor since they are not as corrective for severe foot overpronation issues.

Roadrunner makes it easy to figure out weather a shoe is for stability, or whether it is minimalist with a low heel by clearly marking all their sections and their shoe styles. Here are some examples that were found in their store; notice the signage on the shoes themselves. Roadrunner clearly is trying to keep confusion to a minimum which adds up to more sales. A more comfortable consumer and a knowledgeable sales staff results in more shoes sold, and is the secret to this growing chain’s success in the NJ marketplace.

Rob Defilippis of Runners High in Metuchen takes a more boutique approach. As a salesperson/owner and coach of a local track team, he is on top of the current trend which is away from minimalist because of problems people are experiencing, as running shoe companies are attempting to find the best new design for an ever confused public. So many choices, but in Rob’s store, he wants to make the choice easy for you.

Rob was kind enough to allow him to interview him. Check out this video filmed in his Metuchen store regarding where the trends are going in running shoes and how these new designs will affect you, the way you run and the potential injuries they may prevent through new technologies designed to help you avoid injuries.

Watch the interview here.

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