Save 50% or more on your running shoes with this little known secret

Save 50% or more on your running shoes with this little known secret

As a consumer, we all want to get the best deal on whatever we purchase, even if we go to a full service shoe store. Often, when a store has their end of the season athletic shoe sales, you can find great shoes at savings of 50% or more if you know this important secret.

Shoe stores, like other clothing businesses will reorder fast selling items and often will need to quickly churn certain merchandise to make room for newer models of the same running shoe. What most people do not know is that sometimes, a factory will make a perfectly good shoe that is labeled for example a size 10 but is actually a size 9 or 9.5. What happens to most of us is that we purchase shoes after trying on a few of them and avoid the ones we do not like the feel of. We are very likely not going to like a shoe that hurts our feet or just feels uncomfortable and are at the mercy of the salesperson’s shoe fitting skills. Since their is little consistency between shoe salesmen because of they lack of consistent training they have in the fitting of shoes, shoes that did not sell will be discounted and those that are selling even more slowly are likely to be heavily discounted at the end of the season. Since the store must churn merchandise to make room for newer and more updated ones the buyers have purchased, you can get great deals if you know how to size a shoe properly.

Check out our video How to size a shoe. You can find the video here .

By understanding how to properly fit a shoe, you have the skills to get a great deal. Since the sale shoe quite often is likely smaller than the size on the label, you can use the skills taught in the 3 minute video to find that great deal. While most people would put the shoe on in their size and likely walk away, going to the next size which is either a closer or the perfect fit will have you walking away with a great shoe, for a great deal.

One more thing. If the length of the shoe is right but it slides in the heel, you will also want to check out our other video on lock lacing, which can solve that problem too. See it here .

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