Self, the stroke threat and other groundless magazine articles

It has been upsetting to me lately to read some of the sensational scare tactic articles that are hitting the news stands. One that came to mind was an article in Self Magazine. The article brought up the issue of the chiropractic adjustment to the neck and the threat of stroke.

That scare unfortunately has hurt many who would have benefitted from chiropractic care and stayed away because of this concern. Reality check…

Chiropractors have among the lowest malpractice rates in the country. Ours is about $1300 annually. Since this is based on risk, and since our rates are about 90 percent less than your family practice doctor pays, one can only assume that what we do in our offices is quite safe.

The article below that you can download talks about the true risks. The truth is that having a stroke at the hands of your chiropractor is a chance of less than 1 in one million adjustments. Considering many patients neck problems are actually in their mid back and lower back regions, especially in our office, we do not manipulate the neck unless absolutely necessary. We take all precautions and prescreen patients for any possible problems. When compared to tylenol which can have serious consequences in as few as 1 in 7500 people taking the drug, chiropractic is a no brainer.

Don’t be put off by the scare tactics and sensational headlines that others seek. When compared to medical methods, chiropractic has proven itself over and over to be safe and effective and our patients know we deliver the goods in the absense of drugs and surgery.

I find it funny that athletes cannot get enough of us. Recently, the Mets hired a team chiropractor. I guess it is still up to our patients judgement as to whom they will use for the care of their frame and musculoskeletal system.

Our patients know we are effective and we have research to back it up. For many of us though, our bodies are our own labs. While chiropractic care may not fix all problems over night, our patients not only get relief but are in overall better health with a true sense of wellbeing, not a drug induced facsimile.