Sensible advice to keep you running into your elder years from Shape Magazine.

Old-WomanRunner2d46Sensible advice to keep you running into your elder years from Shape Magazine.

When you ask experts and even runners about running injuries, many say that if you run, you will get injuries at one point or another.   The key is for you to understand what injury feels like vs. the aches and pains from increasing mileage with a healthy body.

The truth is that some of us are more mechanically designed to run than others, which can have an effect on how hard we need to work to run, and which among us are more likely to sustain a running injury.

Shape Magazine recently offered some great advice for runners and explained how most of us can run better and avoid injury, assuring that we may be able to run into our 80’s if we wanted to.

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How to Keep Running Into Your Eighties

An expert-backed, four-step plan to improving your running health for the rest of your life
Mirel Ketchiff’s | Jun 30, 2016

Here’s a situation I find myself in pretty often: Someone sees me post-run, or about to go on a run, or just in running clothes (these circumstances make up about 85 percent of my waking hours). They strike up a conversation with me about running, then utter some variation of these dreaded words: “I used to run. I can’t anymore. My [fill in the blank””knees, back, ankles, feet] just couldn’t take it.” Ugh. Then, there’s the twist of the knife, “Just wait until you get older.” (Add that to the list of things you should never say to runners.)

I’m a reformed sloth who found running in my 20s, and I already regret the years I wasted avoiding the gym and the trails. So to hear that my running days are numbered is a blow. I mean, I get that I won’t always be able to head out the door whenever I want for a few miles. Life gets big””you have kids, your responsibilities add up, you run less often. But not being able to run because my body revolts? I’ll say it again: UGH.

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