10 healthy reasons to eat strawberries

10 healthy reasons to eat strawberries

Strawberries are plentiful, inexpensive and filled with nutritious vitamins, minerals, and fiber. When they are ripe, they are delicious as well.

Most people are familiar with visiting their doctor and having diseases treated.  What if the food you ate prevented disease? Strawberries may health prevent diseases due to their low sugar and high nutritional levels.

I came across this blog that offers 10 health benefits of strawberries that I wish to share with you. Check it out below

This heart-shaped berry has been said to signify purity, passion, and healing. A close relative to the rose, this unique berry is the only fruit that carries its seeds outside rather than within. The ancient Romans believed that strawberries could soothe melancholy, fever, inflammation, throat infection, kidney stones, & many other diseases. These ten health benefits of strawberries will have you wishing for strawberry fields forever!

Prevent Esophageal Cancer: Research shows that within six months, drinking water mixed with freeze-dried strawberry powder has been able to significantly reduce 80% of developing cancer cells within the esophagus of rats, and is projected to have consistent results in human esophageal cancer as well.

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