Stress, your heart and your health; some interesting facts you probably never knew about your body.


Stress, your heart and your health; some interesting facts you probably never knew about your body.

How do you handle stress? Many of us have developed poor mechanisms for handling stress and internalize it, causing a chronic state of anxiety. In our town, more people are on anti anxiety medicines because they just cannot cope. Even with the medication, many of them are anxious, pessimistic and this can all lead to poor future health.

Is the secret hidden in Yoga, meditation or some other system that teaches us how to cope and manage our daily angst?

During the recent wall street turbulence in the stock market, many people watched hopelessly as their nest eggs took a hit, and honestly had no plans for what to do or how to cope. Eventually, the markets recovered some of their losses and those of us who are invested drew a sign of relief.

What does this do to your heart, and what are the mechanisms behind this. Is our stress part of our problem? Did you know that your heart is a neuro processing center (Click here for proof)? Here is a terrific article that helps put at least some of this in perspective.

Don’t let the stress of the markets destroy your health

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We’re coming out of one of the most-volatile weeks for the stock market in a long time. Not surprisingly, many investors say it was one of the most-stressful weeks they’ve had make it through in a long time.

For every investor who thinks the market is going to continue to go up, an equal number of investors believe whole thing is about to come crashing down — and that this past week was the opening act of the end of the bull market.

But no matter which way the market decides to go from here, it’s crucial for you to keep your emotions in check, and to let reason dictate your trading.

All too often, the stress of this kind of volatile market can lead to you to make poor decisions that can cause you to lose money.

But it’s not just red in your portfolio you might end up seeing.

The stress of investing can negatively affect your health if you don’t manage it correctly and learn to control your emotions.

Stress management is key to successful trading and to your health.

And it all begins with the heart.

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