Study shows MRI is of little value to diagnose and treat common shoulder pain; here’s why.


Study shows MRI is of little value to diagnose and treat common shoulder pain; here’s why.

Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints addressed in doctors offices and the MRI has long been a diagnostic standby that often reveals little useful information. Australian researches have recently published a study that showed the expensive test while able to show degenerative processes and other possible problems, did not correlate well with the patient’s symptoms. Basically, the MRI was of little use in the proper diagnosis and treatment of why the person had shoulder pain. Check out the study here.

A good manual evaluation of the body will yield much more information than an MRI of the shoulder according to Dr. William Charschan of Charschan Chiropractic and Sports Injury Associates. Often, the problem with the shoulders begin with the patients feet, and the way their body accommodates to their standing posture through slouching will create an impingement of the supraspinatus muscle, an important part of the rotator cuff that helps initiate movement and one that is frequently torn through impingement syndrome which is a postural problem, not a shoulder problem.

When a healthcare provider only looks at the shoulder, they will totally miss the causative factors in the lower body says Dr. Charschan. This has resulted in many surgeries for either muscular repair, which can be helpful but can also be avoided if the patient with the pain were advised appropriately and often, surgeries for impingement fail because the postural issues are still present, resulting in other symptoms and pain later on.

Dr. Charschan advises patients with chronic shoulder pain consider visiting a chiropractor first, since the chiropractor is trained to look at the entire patient and the best doctors of chiropractic will evaluate the feet, take a complete history, look at the pelvis and recommend a course of action that fixes the problem.

Often, something as simple as a foot orthotic can bring about some relief in the patients shoulders either sitting or standing because it helps improve the patients posture immediately. Other things that help are myofascial release to the core muscles that pull the shoulders forward and to the muscles in the shoulder girdle themselves. Manipulation to the joints of the lower back, clavicle’s and mid thoracic region as well as to the ribs can markedly improve posture and eliminate most mechanical problems causing shoulder pain, without the use of drugs or surgery.

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