Summer Back Pain Prevention With Better Footwear

Sandals and flip flops are going to be huge this summer. The ugly secret though is that for most of our patients, the cheap flat sandals will cause your back to ache. Since your children are most likely built like you, they likely walk like you. Never buy sandals without arches. I will show you examples of what you should and should not buy. A good sandal is worth the extra cash if you have to do any extended walking. Your feet, knees, lower and upper back will thank you (trust me on this).

Reef Sandals are a great example of a terrific design, with a great arch and they look good too. Many local stores carry them and they are available on line. Also to the right are Croc’s which are a hot fashion item this year and they have good arches too.

Flat flip flops, while inexpensive at Old Navy, are not appropriate for anyone with foot problems that causes back pain. People without foot issues can wear these with minimal consequences. These should be avoided by anyone with lower back problems.
There are many other companies that make well designed flip flops which are commonly sold at Nordstroms, Sports Authority, Dicks and have names such as NIke, Teva to name a couple. Since it is the end of the season around here, you may be able to score big during sales and stock up on great summer flip flops and other styles of shoes.

Lastly, dont forget to put your arches in your regular shoes and sneakers, especially when playing sports.