The autism outbreak; is there a link between our increased rate of vaccination and autism?


The autism outbreak; is there a link between our increased rate of vaccination and autism?

Autism is in the news again. According to the NJ Star ledger which cites a recent CDC study ” The new numbers, compiled in 2010 and just released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, show the rate has more than doubled since the CDC’s 2002 survey.”

What is even more interesting is the fact that NJ leads the nation. Why would that be? NJ has a law requiring mandatory vaccinations which was no doubt written for us by “big pharma” has created an environment of compulsory vaccination.

Years ago, most of us never heard of a latex or even a peanut allergy, and autism was reasonably rare. Current information (if you believe it) suggests that the link between vaccination or a particular vaccination is responsible for Autism was debunked. The controversy had to do with the MMR vaccine and the use of mercury which you can read about here.

The problem is perhaps, that it may not have ever been MMR vaccine that created the problem, but perhaps the sheer volume of vaccinations a young child is given. Here is the current information on MMR vaccine on Wikipedia. This vaccine given twice during childhood was supposed to make us immune to whooping cough / measles. If this is true, why are there outbreaks with vaccinated individuals? If you have not heard about this, I personally know of an outbreak in our Scotch Plains community and it has been reported here .

Here are some alarming statistics in NJ.

USA 1983DTP (2) OPV (2) DTP (4) OPV (4) DTP (6) MMR (15) DTP (18) OPV (18) DTP (48) OPV (48)NJ 2009HepB (0) HepB (2) DTaP (2) HIB (2) IPV (2) PCV7 (2) DTaP (4) HIB (4) IPV (4) PCV7 (4) HepB (6) DTaP (6) IPV (6) Influenza* (6) Influenza* (7) DTaP (12) HIB (12) Varicella (12) PCV7 (12) MMR (18) Influenza* (18) Influenza* (30) Influenza* (42) DTaP (48) IPV (48) MMR (48) Influenza* (54)

How did we get here? This timeline can give us a feel for how this developed. Check out this site here. Clearly, when most of the baby boomers were born, there were even fewer vaccines we were exposed to and autism was even more rare.

When we look at these charts taken from, the amount of vaccines we are asked to tolerate is so much higher than previously realized by most parents, and NJ, where it is legislated as law, what is a parent to do?

There is a huge industry that would love us to believe that all these vaccinations are good for us and that as long as we follow the script, we will all be normal and healthy? Is this really the truth or is there a larger statistic that is not an anomaly but a huge fact staring right at us, where the business of healthcare policy and the large pharmaceutical interests entrenched in our government is hiding the truth.

While this article raises more questions than it answers, we cannot argue with the statistics, and the cost to society of these statistics and the parents who are at great cost trying to raise these statistics as normal members of their families. Having a son with Asperger’s syndrome which is a form of autism, gives me a front line point of view on this growing health concern which needs to be looked at honestly. Can the CDC who has entrenched pharmaceutical interests be honest with us? If they were, lawyers would be lining up with lawsuits except for one thing, there is a special court that handles this while offering hush money to the compensated (

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Autism continues to climb, with NJ rates now the highest

The national autism rate continues its upward march, the federal government said today, with New Jersey leading the way.

One in 68 children are now diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder nationally — with boys nearly five times more likely than girls to have autism.

New Jersey’s numbers are even more startling: one in 45 children, with a boys’ rate of one in 28.

“It’s quite likely there is one boy with autism in every classroom,” said Walter Zahorodny, director of the New Jersey Autism Study and professor at New Jersey Medical School in Newark. The girls’ rate in New Jersey is one in 133.

The new numbers, compiled in 2010 and just released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, show the rate has more than doubled since the CDC’s 2002 survey.

What troubles Zahorodny is that the surge, which has continued unabated year after year, includes only minimal distinction between races, regions or socioeconomic groups.

“Autism has gone up in every group, every way you slice it,” he said. “It must be something that’s affecting the population — the whole population.”

He said he would have expected that by now, “either by design or a lucky break,” we would know more about the causes of autism.

“Yet that’s still elusive,” he said.

The CDC said the average age at which children are diagnosed is 53 months, or 4½ years old.

Since autism can now be diagnosed by age 2, those additional months and years represent lost opportunities for intervention, the CDC report said.

As autism became a more common diagnosis, experts initially theorized the rise was due to increased vigilance in finding and treating it.

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But that explantion only goes so far. When you look at this idea simplistically, it would seem that there is a direct correlation to the amount of vaccinations we have and autism, however, there are probably a number of things that are going on here including genetics, environmental and perhaps, prenatal as suggested in this clip here Is the increase in autism partly due to prenatal care?

Of course, so far nobody has made a direct connection and one of my colleagues had suggested the following; “No simple and easy way out. Vaccinations are probably only a tiny part of the puzzle for those affected with MTHFR defects, which BTW is 40 to 45% of Caucasians, while only 10 to 15% of blacks. ”

What do you think? As always, I value your opinion.