The CEO of Brooks Running discusses how their shoe designs are adapting to the latest science of running.

The CEO of Brooks Running discusses how their shoe designs are adapting to the latest science of running.

Recently, Brooks introduced their new Adrenaline shoe, which is a significant design update of their very popular Brooks Adrenaline shoe line.

Runners are superstitious, and are less likely to want to try a new version of their shoe, but Brooks took the chance and the new design is catching on.

Brooks is now a division of Berkshire Hathaway and the CEO of Brooks, Jim Weber was recently interviewed regarding the shoe line and the science behind how they design their shoes.

According to Weber, who was the CEO of the money losing company in 2001, they scrapped the entire line and did a total redesign.  He was of the opinion that if their shoes did not help prevent running injuries, the company would do poorly.  Running injuries are horrible for runners who are training for different events and Weber felt that their shoes must protect runners.

According to Weber, Brooks never followed trends like the barefoot running craze and often was contrarian in their designs.

He stated that the number 1 injury in running is to the knee which led to the guiderails design that is now present in their newest version of the Adrenaline. Too much control at the foot as we see in many of the stabilization shoes may actually cause knee and even hip pain.  There are benefits to a design that has somewhat less control.  Also, foot orthotics can control the foot better than a show so why not just have a similar shoe that accommodates the right one for the individual.

A good sports chiropractor is essential to help runners improve the way they use their bodies while running, but a great shoe is also quite helpful.

You can read the entire interview below

Berkshire’s Brooks Running unit adapts as the science of running evolves
Friday, May 10, 2019 9:38 a.m. CDT

OMAHA, Neb. (Reuters) – Preventing injuries from running shoes is a science for Jim Weber, the chief executive of Brooks Running, a unit of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

“The worst nightmare is to get injured,” Weber said in an interview during Berkshire’s recent annual shareholder weekend.

“You can’t run the marathon you signed up for, or you take away the thing that makes you sane, that makes your day better,” he said. “We’ve always been based on the biomechanics of your body, and building shoes around that.”

Weber, 59, became chief executive of the then money-losing Brooks in 2001, and quickly scrapped almost its entire product line, to focus only on running.

Berkshire’s Fruit of the Loom unit bought Brooks’ parent Russell Corp in 2006, and Seattle-based Brooks was spun out as a separate company in March 2012.

That left Weber reporting to Buffett, who could also call on guidance from the billionaire’s portfolio managers Todd Combs, a triathlete, and Ted Weschler, a marathoner.

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