The Grid, now available in our offices

The Grid, now available in our office’s

The Grid, now available in our office We have just become distributors for the Grid, a foam roller that is not your traditional foam roller. Since it is a prescription item, we can offer it tax free for medical purposes and since we carry it in the office, you will no longer need to purchase it on line or have to depend on one of the local stores to carry it.
The reason we recommend the grid as compared to other foam rollers is that unlike foam, it will not warp, the foam is comfortable but since it has a plastic insert, it is quite stiff and since it is hollow, you can place it in your gym bag easily and put your clothes inside of it when traveling to save space in your luggage. The in office cost is $43.

If you have not watched it, our foam roller video is quite popular as it is a wonderful guide to effectively using a foam roller. Watch it here