The Hazards of Golfing

The Hazards of Golfing

Although you may believe that golfing can be a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning, there are many ways you can injure yourself. Every time you swing the club, you are putting strain on nearly half of the muscles in your body. In any given round of 18 holes, you could swing that club more than 50-100 times. This isn’t including the practice swings or putting. If you walk the course, you’re on your feet for several hours during this. When you examine all of the activity pertaining to a round of golf, it can be quite the exercise. If you’re not careful, you could cause some bodily damage during this relaxing game.

1. Strain on Your Back – Every swing of the golf club will utilize nearly every muscle in your back. This could create an agonizing experience as time progresses without seeking ways to remedy the problem. Hunching over to putt also puts a great deal of strain on your back as it supports your body mass. Regular exercising and stretching of your back muscles can go a long way to preventing a spasm or other painful side effect of repeated use of these muscles.

2. Carpal Tunnel – Typists aren’t the only ones who can get carpal tunnel syndrome in their hands and wrists. As carpal tunnel is a product of repetitive use of the nerves in your hands and wrists, any activity using them could increase your chances of experiencing carpal tunnel. It can be a very painful and incapacitating experience if not monitored and treated.

3. Shoulder Pain – Swinging your golf club could cause a great deal of pain in your shoulders after a time. If you swing the club in an improper fashion, you can actually cause a great deal of damage to your shoulder. Repetitive motion of the shoulder can have the same effect it has on your back. It is quite common for golfers to experience a similar discomfort compared to baseball pitchers. Techniques can be implemented to help in both cases, but it could only be a matter of time before you experience a problem in your rotator cuff.

4. Golfer’s Elbow – A kin to Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow is an inflammation or pain inside the upper arm just above the elbow. For one who plays golf on a regular basis, this may be an unavoidable injury. Like the other injuries above, Golfer’s Elbow is a symptom of repetitive motion of your arms while playing golf. As time marches on, pains like these will become harder and harder to quell.

5. Pain in the Knee – As golf requires constant support of your knees and back, it’s no mystery that underlying knee problems could become detrimental to your golf game. Your knees support your weight every time you approach the ball. Whether you are driving the ball down the fairway or keeping yourself steady for a 20-foot putt, your knees are taking the abuse.

Golf is a game of immense muscle control, hand-eye coordination, and mental prowess. Just like any sport, it can have a great deal of wear and injury associated with your body. Keeping yourself fit and limber is a good way to prolong the game. The last thing you want to do on the 4th hole is to pull a muscle in front of your friends or business associates.

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