The new health technologies that may save your life. New information from CNET.

Health CareThe new health technologies that may save your life. New information from CNET.

Healthcare is going to be affected by new technologies being developed. Already, 3D printing has shown it may be able to one day design your knee replacement, or damaged meniscus better than todays technologies can, and for a fraction of today’s cost.

There was recently an article about a women who received a computerized eye implant that allowed her to see after 16 years of blindness (Read more here).

There are nano technologies that may some day perform surgeries more safely than they could ever be done using todays technologies.

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Health tech is going to save your life (for real)

From 3D-printed organs to cancer-fighting nanotech, the most important branch of technology right now is the one that will keep you living longer and stronger.

We are nothing without good health. It’s a cliche. It’s cheesy. And I believe it passionately.

Health is one of the most important fields in technology — and the most exciting. Why? Because of life’s frailty. Because anything that can possibly hurt us has, or will. And because life is our single most valuable possession.

Every advance is a victory, from cheap delivery systems for otherwise expensive vaccines to a complex brain implant-plus-eyeball-prostheticthat gives people with certain types of blindness newfound ability to see their loved ones in shadows, if not defined in full living color (also see my story in CNET Magazine, Summer 2015 issue).

These kinds of technological advances in medicine are important because they benefit the ailing, but they’re also thrilling for the science alone. On TV, on the Web, in the pages of my monthly Scientific American magazine, each new solution seems more amazing than the last.

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